"Making a face more beautiful, bringing harmony back to its shape, highlighting a detail that determines the person's expression, minimizing a weak point, turning the clock back a few years...that is my goal every day. My only purpose is to please my patients by giving them perfectly safe, natural, and subtle results that are anything but artificial. Through years of experience, my practice has changed, my technique has become more precise, and I have adopted the best tools technology has to offer. Each face is a work of art. Our mission is to carefully work with each one. When confronted with the ravages of time and when our knowledge is strong, our eyes see and our hand create, meaning our power over time is infinite."

Dr. Sandrine Sebban


Dr. Sebban is an M.D., Cosmetic Physician. She was educated and trained in Paris, France and in 2000 opened her aesthetic clinic near the Champs-Elysées. Within her 20 years of professional experience, she has gained expertise in a broad spectrum of aesthetic treatments, such as filler injections, peelings, mesotherapy, PRP, contour threads, skin resurfacing lasers and lipocryotherapy. In addition to her practice with patients in her clinic, she also develops medical equipment and methods, namely in the field of hyaluronic acid injections.


Dr. Sandrine Sebban has been performing hyaluronic acid injections since 1998. She is therefore familiar with the very first techniques for basic injections of hyaluronic acid using needles, which allowed to respond in an imperfect manner to the demands of the day: filling in of nasogenian folds, lines between the eyebrows, cheek and perioral wrinkles, and filling in of lips.  

A major step forward took place in the first decade of the new millennium, with the arrival of the first volumising hyaluronic acids, which allowed procedures to restore facial volume to be carried out as outpatient treatments. 


Since 2004, when Voluma was launched, she has taught classes in restoring the cheekbones, chin, and temples using needles in France, Poland, Russia, Japan and Australia. 


A number of practitioners and our patients appreciated at that time the tightening and lifting effects of hyaluronic acid. 


These volumiser injections were carried out with large needles, then with 18G cannulae, which were effective but caused side effects such as pain and haematomas. This led her to search for a more suitable method for injecting fillers.

In 2008, she devised a range of micro-cannulae suitable for injecting any hyaluronic acid on the market and she patented the Soft Filling Technique™ in 2010. These revolutionary developments will allow larger areas of the face to be treated with techniques that are safe and cause a minimum of pain and side effects.


These cannulae injection techniques were then developed across the world and in 2011, the One Point Technique™ allowed an overall restoration of the face to be performed with a single injection point per half of the face, which largely minimises risks and side effects. 


In 2015, she invented the EasyGuide®: a half-needle to make cannula insertion easier and reduce patient pain.


In 2017, Dr. Sebban patented the CRAFT -Cannula Right Angle Fold Technique ® that allows a lifting effect to be created for marionette lines.


She improved her injection techniques to increase efficacy and safety. The logical extension of her research:

In March 2017, she launched the STOP Facial Ageing Method™, a 3D medical lifting method (injection on three planes with two injection points per half of the face) which has been presented at the international conference in Monaco in September 2017 as being the method with the best results across the world in facial rejuvenation without surgery. 


Reference physician for clinical experiments for international filler companies
International filler injection trainer (since 2003)
International PRP injection trainer (since 2011)
University teacher in filler injection techniques (since 2009)
International speaker (since 2003) at worldwide congresses in Australia, China, Israel, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Russia, USA and more, such as IMCAS Paris & Shanghai, AMWC Paris & Monaco, EADV, SOFCPRE and BTS.


Master’s Degree in Biology and Toxicology – 1993
Doctoral Thesis in Medicine Paris XII Hospital – June 1998
Specialization in Mesotherapy – 2000
Specialization in Laser Rejuvenation and Hair Removal – 2002
Degree in Injection and Filling Techniques in Dermatology and Aesthetic surgery – 2010


Author of the book « Gagner 10 ans en 3 mois » – JC Lattès Editions, 2007 & 2012, translated in Polish, German, and Russian.
Regular speaker and consultant for various media (radio, TV, press releases) in France and abroad
Scientific contributor