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one-on-one Training


Physicians desiring to learn the foundations of dermal filler technics or experienced doctors wishing to master her unique and specialized methods now have the opportunity to book a one-on-one training with Dr. Sandrine Sebban. This training will including a theoretical and practical injection sessions with the famous micro-cannula she has designed. This could be an exclusive and exceptional opportunity for you to get the full attention and sharp insights of an internationally renowned M.D. Cosmetic Physician.


The training will be given at Dr. Sebban's clinic in the fancy 8th district of Paris. The luxurious and comfortable space is perfectly adapted for hosting this type of training. 

We can arrange, unpon request, your accommodation if you wish to stay a few days in the beautiful city of Paris. 


These personalized one-on-one trainings are accessible to:

  • doctors of all levels of experience in medical aesthetics, from beginners to experts

  • Physicians of all different specialities: generalists, dentists and anyone else wishing to develop his expertise in the field.    

  • French and international doctors: trainings can be provided in French or English.

The training are aimed to be perfectly adapted to your level, qualifications and interests. The program can be tailor-made according to your will and focused on a specific facial zone. 

Doctors may bring their own models, or a model will be supplied depending on the desired syllabus. Please let us know in advance if you wish to bring your own model or if we need to make the necessary arrangements. 

The material and the products used in the training are provided. 

These training sessions offered range from half to an entire day.

the tailor-made training could include all or part of the following elements:

  • Theory: anatomy revision

  • Learning to determine the diagnosis 

  • Understanding the different HAs on the market 

  • Patient care 

  • Conducting the consultation 

  • Understanding everything about cannulae

  • Cannula vs needle injection techniques 

  • Injections on different planes 

  • Dealing with folds with cannulae injections 

  • Facial volumizing injection via cannula: cheekbones, lips, dark circles, temples, chin, forehead, etc. 

  • Medical "cervical lift" 

  • Hand rejuvenation 

  • Medical rhinoplasty 

  • Cannula injection tips and techniques: nappage, bolus, fan injection, spoke-wheel injection, retro-tracing injection

  • The STOP Facial Ageing Method: 3D medical lifting 

A certification will be awarded upon successfully completing the training, testifying of your abilities to apply Dr Sebban's technics.  

Price upon request.