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Stop Facial Ageing method

Dr. Sebban - IMCAS Vivacy 2018

Dr. Sebban - IMCAS Vivacy 2018

mastering a state of the art method

The training on thStop Facial Ageing method is offered for experienced doctors wishing to master one of the most successful dermal filling technics existing today. What could be better than learning the secrets of this Method from the person who invested it? This is an opportunity to book a group or one-on-one training with Dr. Sandrine Sebban. This training will including a theorethical and practical injection sessions, all following the principles of the Method. with the famous micro-cannula she has designed. 

The training will be given at Dr. Sebban's clinic in the fancy 8th district of Paris. The luxurious and comfortable space is perfectly adapted for hosting this type of training. 

We can arrange, unpon request, your accommodation if you wish to stay a few days in the beautiful city of Paris. 


These trainings of the Stop Facial Ageing method™ are accessible to:

  • doctors having a prior experiance in dermal filling practice.

  • Physicians of all different specialities: generalists, dentists and anyone else wishing to master this unique Method.    

  • French and international doctors: trainings can be provided in French or English.

Doctors may bring their own models, or a model will be supplied depending on the desired syllabus. Please let us know in advance if you wish to bring your own model or if we need to make the necessary arrangements. 

The material and the products used in the training are provided. 

The Stop Facial Ageing method™ training lasts an entire day.

A certification will be awarded upon successfully completing the training, testifying of your abilities to apply Dr Sebban's technics.  

Price upon request.

About the Stop Facial Ageing method

Treating an ageing face starts with an understanding of the anatomical process of ageing. With age, the face ages on three levels, namely the skin, fat, and bone structure.

Cutaneous ageing visibly disorganises the skin's texture without actually stretching out the tissue. However, fat deposits within the face change position(1). The malar fat pad falls due to

the effect of gravity, which in turn creates sagging cheeks. Periorificial fat around the eyes and mouth also decreases. At the same time, general bone resorption throughout the face results

in a regression of the structural pillars of the facial skeleton(2).

Over time, the contraction of muscular structures slightly displaces the muscles within the face.

In response, these processes must be reversed when treating the ageing face.

Facial volumes must be precisely recalibrated at every level, including the skin, fat pads, and skeletal structure. My method for achieving this is reproducible, simple, safe, and accessible to all.


Called STOP Facial Ageing Method™, this approach is based on a scaffolding that precisely indicates the areas that need filling. The overall shape of the face is redefined by targeting facial volumes and creating a lifting effect.


The first phase of the treatment consists of reshaping skeletal volume by restoring or creating the face's structural pillars through tailored bolus or micro-bolus injections of hyaluronic acid

to strategic areas of the facial skeletal structure.

The second phase involves recreating evenly shaped fat deposits throughout the face by administering crosshatched hyaluronic acid injections deep within the face's fatty layer. A third and optional step increases radiance and hydration through tailored injections

of hyaluronic acid to the dermis or superficial layers of the skin while also treating certain deep or superficial wrinkles.


The injection technique, which follows three main axes defined in the method, consists of using medium-sized (25G-22G) micro-cannula. This approach improves the safety of the injection. Injecting with a cannula at only one point on either side of the face limits trauma and delivers immediate, balanced, and natural results(3).


The STOP Facial Ageing Method™ can be used to treat patients of all ages as soon as the first signs of ageing appear.

The average amount of hyaluronic acid injected during the treatment is as follows: - 2 to 4 ml at age 40

- 4 to 6 ml at age 50 - 6 to 8 ml at age 60

Maintenance treatment should be scheduled every year.


Due to the anatomical ageing process that affects the face,

it's essential to target facial volume with a special focus on achieving balance.

The STOP Facial Ageing MethodTM effectively and precisely rebalances volumes within the face's skeletal structure, fat pads, and skin. This safe and ordered approach delivers immediate, natural, and harmonious results(14).

The STOP FACIAL AGEING METHOD ™includes the Deep One Point technique (DOP) and the Superficial One Point technique (SOP).


It is a non-surgical method that entails injecting HA through a cannula(4,5): a single point of injection6 on the side of the face is used.


The Deep One Point technique is mainly used to restore volume to facial skin and provide a lifting effect.


The Superficial One Point technique is used to beautify facial skin by slightly restoring its volume, while providing hydration and a burst of radiance.


The scaffolding(7) allows to express the influence of the treatment of each zone on the surrounding zone: domino effect

STOP Facial Ageing Method™


immediate, harmonious, and natural results


Limits immidiate trauma effects after tratment


Can be used to treat all age groups as soon as the first signs of ageing appear


effectively and precisely rebalances volumes within the face
skeletal structure